2019 Season


2019 Summer Concert Season


June 25-27
In Their Own Words

In this program, we hear from early female composers, such as Hildegard von Bingen, Sulpitia Cesis, and Caterina Assandra writing about women. It includes philosophical meditations on the divine nature of women. It includes the praise of feminine beauty and the complexity of love. The music is interspersed with brief readings taken from letters, diaries, and scholarly writings by the composers and their contemporaries.

Kate Lucander, Amy Miner, Stephanie Weil and Katie Sucha, voices
Aaron Tan, organ

July 9-11
Harmonie Universelle
The Last Rose

Collaboration between Harmonie Universelle (USA) and Elena Kraineva started in 2013 with the recording of trio sonatas for viola d’amore, flute and continuo which was featured in Albany Recording Catalog (October 2016) as one of 10 bestselling recordings. This program features solo and chamber music for viola d’amore, flauto traverso and harpsichord, including works from the Couperin family.

Catherine Bull, flauto traverso
Daniel Pyle, harpsichord
Elena Kraineva, viola d’amore



July 23-25
Musica Spira
The Women Who Took the Stage

While many women were expected to learn to sing or play an instrument during the 17th and 18th centuries in order to make them more “cultured,” they were often forbidden from performing in public. Some women, however, were able to rise above social convention and became virtuosic, successful professional performers. This program celebrates the depth and quality of the performances of Letitia Cross, Anne Bracegirdle, Élisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, Sarah Bates, Barbara Strozzi, Marie-Françoise Certain, and Sara Levy in works by John Eccles, Purcell, Jacquet de la Guerre, Vivaldi, Lully, and Strozzi.

Grace Srinivasan, soprano
Paula Maust, harpsichord

July 30 - August 1
Meravelha and Peter Walker
The Lionheart

The Lionheart will be a program of medieval French songs chosen from the troubadour and trouvère repertoires that together tell a story of the life of Richard I. The performance will include unaccompanied vocal pieces, original arrangements of monody with instrumental accompaniment, and instrumental pieces on harp, vielle, winds, hurdy-gurdy, citole and percussion. Short readings to facilitate the storytelling will also be included.

Teri Kowiak, voice - Karen Burciaga, bowed strings - Barbara Hill, voice
Jaya Lakshminarayanan, voice and harp - Daniel Meyers, voice, winds and percussion - Ciarán Nagle, voice - Catherine Stein, voice and recorder
Peter Walker, voice, harp, hurdy-gurdy and citole



August 6-8
7 Hills Renaissance Wind Band
If Music Be the Food of Love

A program of music by composers whose names are as savory as their music. What started as a chance, bemused encounter with a piece by one Gregorio Zucchini has led to gathering a full smorgasbord of toothsome, edible composers of Renaissance music.

Nathaniel Cox, cornetto - Matthew Groves, sackbut - Elizabeth Hardy, woodwinds - Liza Malamut, sackbut - Daniel Meyers, sackbut and recorder
Catherine Stein, woodwinds and voice - Matthew Stein, dulcian
Daniel Stillman, woodwinds

A copy of their concert program can be found here.